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Name:Malcolm Ross MacLaren
Birthdate:Aug 8
Malcolm Ross MacLaren was born and raised in Edinburgh, a proud Scotsman who grew up very close to his cousin, Lachlan Campbell. Both of them were only children, but they shared a bond like brothers, which only made sense, given that their mums were sisters, and had always been incredibly close as well. They remained close even when Lachie's dad moved them to London, leaving Malcolm very much missing his cousin. Still, the boys kept in contact and visited each other as much as they possibly could with school holidays and things of that nature. Lachlan was the first person Mal told that he was bisexual, over the phone in the early years of high school. And that discovery led to an exceptionally thick little black book situation. He even slept with Lachlan's best friend, Patrick Preston on a trip to visit Lachie one summer.

He was definitely every bit the manwhore when he was in high school and university, and even into med school when he decided to become a trauma surgeon -- both he and Lachlan choosing to become doctors. He actually ended up attending NYU for both pre-med and medical school, and performed his residency and fellowship in trauma medicine with Dave Tynan, who would go on to become one of his best mates. Of all the weird situations, the pair of them ended up getting hired at the same time to Mt. Sinai's trauma team when two of their trauma physicians retired at the same time.

Malcolm became extremely close to ER doctor, Riley Bryant, who was also another good friend of Lachlan's. And as his job became more and more a part of his life, Malcolm began to abandon his manwhoring ways, for one thing, because he was busy, and for another because, maybe he'd finally gotten to a place in his life where he was looking for something a bit more serious. Not that he really had time to look for it with the kinds of shifts he was pulling. He'd always been sexually attracted to both women and men, but any emotional connection had always been with men. So he wasn't finding what he needed in the female nurses who tried to pursue something with him.

Nothing ever really caught and held his eye until Levi Aston. And, like pretty much anything that Malcolm did, that didn't come in the most traditional of ways or with the most traditional type of person either. Levi and Malcolm's first "meeting" would be one that Levi didn't remember at all, and not for the usual reasons of booze. The moment that Levi first crossed Malcolm's path both literally and figuratively is a day that still haunts Malcolm's dreams to this day. He was on his way to work... walking, because it was an absolutely gorgeous day... when an accident happened right in front of him... A car crashed into a motorcycle right in front of him, and the motorcyclist, Levi Aston, was crushed beneath his motorcycle. It was Malcolm's quick thinking and medical mind that saved Levi's life, when he was able to give Levi a tracheotomy to open up his airway.

It took Levi a long time -- understandably -- to begin the process of recovery from his injuries, and while he was still under Malcolm's care, there was no doubt whatsoever that there was a definite attraction between the doctor and his patient, though Mal would've denied it to anyone Once Levi began to recover and was discharged out of Malcolm's care and handed over to a rehab specialist, he and Malcolm seemed to keep crossing paths. So much so that Levi ended up flirtily accusing Malcolm of stalking him. It was at a bar, and he was a bit tipsy to start with, but Levi was never the sort to really censor his thoughts. He told it like it was, and after being a late bloomer and not losing his virginity until his first year in college to a soccer team mate, he was now in a time where he was willing to live it up a little because his entire career prospects had been ruined. One thing led to another, and they ended up getting a hotel room across the street from the bar and fucking for the first time. There was probably some questionable ethics in the whole thing, but Levi didn't have much care for that and he was gone before Malcolm woke up.

Their covert encounters just seemed to keep happening, despite Malcolm previously having been his doctor and a considerable age difference between them. Until Malcolm flat-out told him to stop pursuing him, Levi didn't see any harm in it. They kept hooking up and even though there was resistence on Malcolm's part mostly due to the distinct age gap and his concern that he'd end up holding Levi back from doing the things that younger people did, it all climaxed when, lying in bed after their latest fuck, Malcolm decided to throw all caution to the wind and casually suggested they get married. It was that point that, as payback for the previous resistence, Levi told him he was over the fling and thanks but no thanks. He wasn't really sure if he was ready to get married or settle down, yet, it still ended up in a simple ceremony at City Hall and they've now been married for three months and counting.

Levi still remains a bit lost, but he does have a job coaching children's soccer team filled with eight and nine year olds. He enjoys playing with the kids and doing about as much as he can manage sports-wise with them, but he knows this isn't where he will be long term. He would say he's happily married because they're a bit unconventional and he prefers it that way, but there's still a sense that he's trying to pick up the pieces of his career and figure out where he belongs now. Malcolm, on the other hand, is exactly where he wants to be. He just hopes that he can support his husband in his search for a new career that will make him happier in the long term.
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